17 April 2018

Third Trimester

We are now in the final stretch! It is funny because when you do IVF it makes the pregnancy processes seem so much longer... I feel like I've been pregnant for years :) My body seems to think so two as I've ballooned up quite a bit, despite having a solid three months more to go. 

Junior has been doing pretty well, other than a scare on Sunday after I noticed that movement had slowed down for a good day and a half. Luckily, a quick trip into the doctors calmed our fears and baby has ramped back up to being super active.

Baby isn't the only thing that is growing though! For the last several weeks I've had plants growing on virtually every open surface of our flat. I started to drive Jon insane, especially since they were taking over his table as well. This week I finally got everything out to my allotment. 

Unfortunately, I'm learning having a big belly isn't particularly helpful when gardening-- at not for the reasons you'd expect. While it certainly makes things trickier in terms of mobility, the real problem is how the belly seems to give others the right to tell you what to do. One of my allotment neighbours in particularly--Anne--is proving the most formidable garden pest. 

Every. Single. Day. she is there, gardening away and serving up unhelpful lectures. She is an older lady, and always wears a blue mechanics jumpsuit. She usually comes over after I've been working for about 10 minutes to give her daily dose of wisdom. Usually it starts with a comment on my large belly, then advice on what I'm doing wrong.
"It rained last night, you really shouldn't be watering those."
"When are you going to get a wheelbarrow? There are so many things you really should be buying."
"I don't think you should be using that bucket when you get water. You shouldn't be carrying anything."
"Where is your husband. Why is he letting you do all this gardening all on your own?" 

IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to work out when she is there and when she isn't. I may have to start early morning or evening gardening just to avoid her. 

In other news, I'm now in the Relief Society presidency. Here are the other lovely ladies in the trio... Ashley and Claire. It has already been really wonderful working with them and they've been helping me grow. 

Jon and I also celebrated our 6th anniversary this past month. It is crazy to think it has already been almost a full year since we moved to Bath. Time is flying by! Excited to see what this next year brings.

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