01 July 2018

Final Stretch

I'm in the home stretch now... not long to go before this little nugget arrives! 

Unfortunately, England is experiencing a massive heat wave right now so this last leg of the journey has me spending most of the day laid out in a sweaty heap hoping my little electric fan will give me the will to get up and get things done. Still, I'd take this over our days frying in the New York summer sizzle-- THAT was truly horrible.

Other than the temperature, things are pretty fantastic. My friends from church threw me a surprise baby shower (the "from little seeds grow mighty trees" was a gift I received from our friends Sophie and Byron-- I LOVE thoughtful homemade gifts <3). Because it was a complete surprise, so I didn't manage to get many photos, but here are a few:

Guess which one of us won the blind-folded put-the-nappy-on-the-teddy game? Hint: It's not the one praying for help.

In other news, I've been trying to get Jon to empathise with the weight and heat... I made him try on  a pregnancy fat suit (the boobies were tacked in like little bean bags which is what our friends Sophie and Byron [who are also pregnant!] are commenting on in the pic). As you can see by his smug expression, it didn't really do the trick.

But, when all else fails, drink milkshakes!

Luckily, we are now the proud owners of a new car! Well, an very used new car. We've named it 'Pippin' because it is red like a shiny pippin apple. We decided it was time to finally break down and buy one now that baby is on the way. Amazingly the hardest part of the process was getting Jon his UK driver's license. That thing is 10x harder to get than its American counterpart. I'm not brave enough to get one yet... I'm pretty positive there is at least one course of driver's ed in my future.

We also got to see the PMQs (Prime Ministers Questions), which is this weekly event the Prime Minister (the equivalent of the American President) holds where she fields questions from members of Parliament (equivalent to US Congress). Jon got tickets last minute, which was a fab excuse to visit London again and see the inside of the palace of Westminster. It was very cool to be so close to the action, but unfortunately there was no AC. I thought I was going to die before the session ended!
In other British-y news, Prince Harry is now married! I had zero intention of watching the broadcast, but then Jon promised to go water the allotment for me if I'd agree to make him waffles and watch the royal wedding with him. How could I possibly refuse an offer like that? So happy I did :D

Speaking of allotments, mine is plodding along. It still looks pretty scroungy, but we do get a handful of snap peas, the occasional berry, and 2 or 3 squashes every day from it. That is pretty good in my book given how little I've been able to give to my garden this year.

And that's the update for now! Hopefully the next post will announce the birth of a new little life. Finger's crossed he comes on his due date-- July 4th for a very patriotic and ironic celebration!

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