07 August 2018

We're a Family

My mom always said she felt like it took three kids—for her and my dad to be outnumbered—for her to finally feel like they were a family, but for Jon and I it has only taken one. Now suddenly we aren’t just a couple, we are a trio. Parents and a babe. Progeny and progenitors. An actual honest to goodness family unit.

My mom arrived a week ago and she was lovely enough to take these beautiful family photos of us. Despite how happy and serene we all look, this day was probably one of the most difficult since Ezra arrived. I had no sleep the night before and—just before we started taking photos—had just realised I mangled his little blessing outfit (I still have no idea how it happened). I burst into tears, argued with both my mom and Jon that there was positively no solution, and threw my face into a spit-up soaked pillow.

It was a very low moment.

Thankfully, I pulled it together. I got some hugs and cuddles and the show carried on. We are still working on a solution for this little man’s blessing this Sunday, but I feel like there is one on the horizon. 

I love that, in this photo, you can see how excited we are to be parents. We have waited long and hard for this little man and we couldn't be happier that he is finally here. Thank goodness for modern medicine, prayers, and patience. 

And after a long morning taking photos, my two boys decided to take a much earned nap. Even that was beautiful... Jon is such a good daddy and it is genuinely so wonderful to watch. 

Every night he comes home, like an excited little boy in a candy shop, and scoops up baby. He then proceeds to sing him Christmas carols for the next hour. I've never known a man that loves Christmas more, or that has taken so naturally to fatherhood. On both counts I am one lucky girl. 

And this is what I wake up to every morning. Look at those BLUE EYES! AHHHH! I feel like you can already see what he will look like when he gets older. I can practically already hear him forming the words "Um... can you make me a snack?"

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