11 October 2018

Avery + the New House

This is Ezra meeting his potential future wife for the first time.

Our friends Sophie and Byron had their precious baby girl Avery Rose Louise just shy of two months after we had Ezra and the two have practically been betrothed since in the womb.

Sophie and Byron are going to be the best parents. Before Avery was born, I’d watch Byron interacting with Ezra—never in my life have I seen a man that was more baby hungry, not even Jon. Now watching him with his own little sweetheart is a beautiful thing—he just radiates love.

Sophie once told me that, when she was a little girl, she took playing with her dolls so seriously that if she decided to play with her other toys she would call her mum in to babysit. She said all she’s ever wanted is to be a momma, and I think (if that story is any indication) she is going to be one of the very best. Avery and Ezra are two miracle babies (Sophie and Byron have had to go through their own battles to get to parenthood), and even if we don’t manage to convince our babies to get married one day, they will definitely be best mates in childhood.

And, not to bury the lead, but we've moved! It's just to a village about 20 minutes outside of Bath, but it is a major upgrade. We're in a detached house with a little garden and everything!

Still, I'm going to miss our old flat. It was right in the heart of Bath and so lovely. Despite being at the top of a million stairs and only being a one bedroom, it felt like we lived in a magical tree house. It was so high up and right in front of a park and we would watch all the twinkly lights from the chocolate-box houses on the hill opposite turn on every night. I will definitely miss it. 

Here is little Ezra in our last few minutes in his first home. He's big fan of this balloon Jon bought for my birthday. It is still going strong a month and a half after Jon bought it which officially makes it the longest lasting helium balloon I've ever seen. It is currently Ezra's favourite toy and it came with us to our new house.

This is the new view from Ezra's bedroom window. Look at all that English-y, autumnal goodness! AH!

In Ezra related news, how cute is he?! He looks like a little European treat in this outfit and I love it.

Also, look at the gorgeous play gym my dad made me! The little nugget is sure grateful for having such a talented grandpa.

Our little man has a new passion: walking… sorta. He can hold himself up and, as long as he has one of us to grab under the armpits, he marches around like a wobbly, drunk leprachaun all day long. His stubby legs and fluffy diapered bottom give him the proportions of one of those circus bears that walks up on their hind legs, and I can't get enough of watching him from behind.

That said, his newfound passion is utterly exhausting and is causing both Jon and I some serious back pain. I finally conceded to buying one of those plastic walkers— the kind with the seat in the middle you just plop your kid down in. I had thought we had a ways to go before needing one (like seriously months since he isn’t even crawling yet) and had planned to save up to get a really lovely Montessori-inspired wooden one. But my back and sanity have their limits so I snapped up a cheap second-hand one online and waited for the weekend so Jon could pick it up. The prospect of having the walker was honestly the only thing keeping me going for a few days. 

But the Jon picked it up and it turns out Ezra has several more inches to grow before he can even reach the floor when he's sitting in it. I nearly cried when we put him in it the first time. So, I've made the little man a deal. For every minute of tummy time he gives me, he gets a minute of marching around. I literally have it on a timer and it makes the whole thing much more manageable. 

Otherwise, Ezra is a perfectly lovely little boy. The sound of falling water makes him sleepy, which means mama still gets long showers. He lets me sleep in (even if it does mean still getting up two to three times a night to express). And he is getting more and more personality every day.

And now, I think I'll end with this: my favourite moment of every day. I get to cuddle up with a baby and my kindle and this is what I see. It is pure bliss. 

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