30 October 2018

Halloween Bee

Say hello to the sleepiest wobbly, bobbly little bumble bee! He was (in my very biased opinion) the bee of the ball at our Halloween Housewarming party.

For the last couple of weeks, he’s been helping me put together our house before having a few friends over to celebrate. We managed to pull it all together at the eleventh hour (for reals, how does it take so long to get settled into a new house??). I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about this party. Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert naturally, so parties are already a minefield. Maybe its because its the first time since we’ve lived in the UK where we have lived in a place big enough to host (so it felt like a huge deal!). Whatever the reason, the memory of Jon’s and my very first dinner party has been rolling around in my head for the past two weeks like the ghost of terrible parties past.

Back then, we were newlyweds and had just moved into our apartment in New York. We decided to have a pizza party and, in a classic rookie move, bought all the ingredients before actually inviting people over. All of our plan A, B and C guests declined. We were super broke at the time so we felt like we had to see it through as we might not be able to host again for awhile, so we were practically begging random people we knew to come eat our pizza. The result was a bizarre guest list and an evening of social awkwardness that rivalled a pre-teen school dance. Genuinely, Jon and I laugh-cringe whenever we think of it because it was bad on so many levels.

Luckily, THIS party was much more of a success. The guests were great, the food was yummy, and it was a good time all around.

Initially Jon and I had planned on very obscure Harry Potter themed costumes. Here’s a description… see if you can guess what we were going for: 

Jon would go with round glasses, a lightening bolt scar, and a bathrobe. I would dress up, also with round glasses, and wear low pigtails and greyish Ravenclaw robes. Ezra would be completely decked out in gold from head to toe. 

Any ideas? No? Well you probably aren’t alone. (This is the scene we were going for, in case you were wondering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK6sRDBU0K0) 

Fortunately my mother saved us from ourselves by sending the world’s fluffiest bumble bee costume! It was clear we needed to rework the theme as soon as I saw it on Ezra, so we opted to go as flowers.

Even the food turned out pretty well, even if my mummy pizzas looked more like pock-marked zombies than their bandaged cousins— but oh well! Still scary right?

The stand out gastronomic star of the evening was the wassail, which—I gotta admit—was kind of surprising to me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the stuff, but I severely underestimated its popularity. It was a new drink for all our guests, so maybe is a uniquely American beverage? For all those that asked, here’s the recipe:

Wassail Recipe

2 cups cloudy apple juice
1 cup orange juice
2 cinnamon herbal tea bags

Combine juices in saucepan and heat on til you have a gentle simmer. Turn down to low and add tea bags. Let steep for several minutes before serving in mugs.

(Left to right, Back: Greg, Mary, Tom, Laura, Lauren, Avery, Sophie, Byron; Front: Me, Ezra, Jon)

For one of the games we played we had all our guests send us facts about themselves that few people knew. It is amazing the things you learn about people when you ask that question! People have so much inside of them that you’d never guess. It was a great reminder that every person is unique and amazing.

One final (completely random) happy note: I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans today for the first time AND THEY FIT. I’ve been too scared to try them on previously, so it pretty much made my week. Anyway, I’m off to celebrate with way more candy than is good for me. Happy Halloween!

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