23 October 2018

Pancakes + Pumpkins

This year Jon and I have celebrated two important anniversaries: In September it was 10 years since we first met (at a Pancake Breakfast Party) and on Halloween it will be 8 years since we started dating. 

Our friends Serena and Robin—partly by inspiration, and partly by chance—ended up throwing the most fitting party to celebrate these two occasions: a Pancake and Pumpkin Party, and it was absolute perfection.  

The party was at their flat, which is exactly the kind of space I always imagined English homes would be like. It is this beautifully quirky flat with high ceilings, enormous paned windows, white-washed plaster walls, an antique fireplace and a lovely little orient-inspired garden in the back. It was on the rental market about the same time Jon and I were looking for our new place, and, if we had known it existed, we 100% would have snatched it out from under them (all is fair in love and real estate?). It really is the loveliest space and seems to really jibe Serena’s design aesthetic. She’s done a great job with it.

Anyway, the pancakes—which, in England, actually mean crepes, and not the fluffy griddlecake we eat in the states (a fact I’m always surprised and grateful about)—were delicious. Robin is a fab cook. The only thing better than the food was the company. Besides us and our hosts, there were our friends Byron + Sophie (+ baby Avery) and other friends Sara + Aaron. We played games for a couple of hours until we left to go pick pumpkins. 

Sara seems to be a bit of a baby whisperer as Ezra had one of his most chilled out days this day and a pretty healthy chunk of it was spent on her lap.

A quick interruption (mostly for my own record): Jon is brilliant and discovered that Ezra is the perfect heigh to use the sofa as a balance. Ezra’s a happy camper, his balance is improving, and my back feels less like it is about to snap in two. At 14 weeks, he’s still a bit wobbly, and he can only stand in place, but (as you can see from the pic) he loves it. 

Anyway, back to the party….

I’ve been wanting to visit a pumpkin patch for the last couple of years. Maybe it is all that autumnal Instagram-worthy goodness or maybe there is something in me that just loves a good patch of pumpkins. I remember when I was around nine or ten I became a little bit obsessed with growing giant pumpkins after finding a book in the library about it. As October arrived, I carefully slit the stems of my pumpkins and pushed through a wick with the other end in a bowl of sugar water. Apparently, this should have made them enormous. It didn’t. However, the ants loved it. 

Whatever it is is about pumpkins sure feeds the soul (and my tummy when Thanksgiving finally gets here). It was Sophie’s idea we head to Farrington to the pumpkin patch there and it couldn’t have been better. Afterward, we headed to Aaron and Sara’s house for hot chocolate and more games. 

By the end of the day I had learned 5 things:

First, crepes win over fluffy pancakes.

Second, I discovered my first chip butty (buttered bread sandwich with chips [fries] inside—it sounds heinous but is ridiculously delicious).

Third, my heart must be the shape of a pumpkin, I love them so much.

Fourth, I learned that Jon is an English-county-naming-savant (also an aspiring exotic dancer—which isn’t new, just always surprising when it comes out in public).

And finally, I learned that pancakes + pumpkins + pals = perfection. I think this one might need to be a new tradition.

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