06 December 2018

Frome + Thanksgiving

It has been a busy couple of weeks, so, fair warning, this post is kind of a photo dump. 

Jon and I have been exploring some of the towns and villages in our local area. One of our favourites is Frome (pronounced froom). People have been telling us to visit for a while, but then usually follow up the suggestion with "but the people there are kinda.... weird." When pressed, the only explanation anyone ever has given me is that residents of Frome are just a little earthy. I've decided they must be my kind of people because everyone seemed lovely. Anyway, we love the town, the vibe, and its crunchy citizens.

Driving back from Frome, we were treated to a golden hour landscape. How beautiful is this (below)?! Reminds me of how grateful I am to live in this beautiful country.  

And, speaking of gratitude, a very belated happy Thanksgiving! This was a big year for me as it was the first time I've done a proper feast for a crowd on my own. Though partially down to the fact that Jon took the day off of work, I feel like I managed the whole thing way better than I expected. Usually, this is the kind of thing when would result in at least one stress-induced episode of sobbing where I curse the heavens and vow never to have another party ever. Buuuut, THIS time I was super chill... like something very relaxed and cool (Ezra made sure I had no sleep last night so metaphors are escaping me at the moment). 

What was fun about this year was that it was mostly with our British friends, who have never had a Thanksgiving dinner before. They were super keen to try the pumpkin pie, the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (tricky in a country that always sells pink strawberry marshmallows in with the white ones), the cranberry sauce, and the white American gravy (here gravy is always brown and slightly tranparent). It was fun to have a cultural experience where WE were the ones introducing people to new things instead of the other way around. 

Luckily, another American couple that came did the rolls (by hand without a mixer! Props to you, JaNeece) which made my life a lot easier. Sophie and Byron hosted at their house and even let me use their oven which only just fit the turkey side. Overall, win for British friendsgiving.

We got to double dip on Thanksgiving this year, as one of the families in our congregation invited us over for another feast on Saturday. It was another glorious feast--they never get old :)

I'll end with this pic. It has been getting chillier here and Ezra has tried on his first pair of hat and gloves. Obviously, he is still trying to determine how he feels about winterwear, but his mama is sure excited to introduce him to all things Christmas. Yay winter!

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