12 February 2019

Expat Family Blogs

Living and working as an expat may seem like a fantastic opportunity, but if you are relocating with a young family, there are a lot of challenges you may not have previously considered. The good news is that there are many expat families living and working around the world and sharing their experiences online. 

I am a big fan of expat family blogs. In fact, it just dawned on me the other day, that now that we have Ezra, Young Rubbish officially lives within that genre. I've finally arrived! 

Not only can family-centric expat blogs give really helpful information, but it can be fun to daydream about what it would be like to have family in Japan or Switzerland or someplace else fun and exotic. For that reason, I’ve teamed up with Allianz Care to spread the love and compile a list of my favourite expat family bloggers that can help give you tips on living, working & raising children abroad. Hopefully, you find a new read to love as well!

Based in: Singapore, UK, occasionally France

With two young children, The Expat Mama covers a wide range of topics including things like homesickness, children’s education abroad, and even baking. I really love her ‘The Expat Mama meets’ section, where she interviews expats from around the world about why they became expats, what they would do differently if they moved again, and advice for others moving to their location. It is a treasure trove of reliable information if you are considering a move to an expat destination.
Post to check out: If You Go Down to the Woods Today... (feeds my forest-loving soul)

Based in: Abu Dhabi

I really like bloggers who talk about financial and family matters in a really open and honest way. This blog by Keri Hedrick does just that, focusing on travel advice, family life and money matters from an expat perspective. If you are considering the costs of moving abroad or are interested in the kind of salary to expect as an expat, you'll probably find this blog helpful.
Post to check out: The Real Cost of Expat Living.

Based in: the Seychelles

Blogger Chantelle, and her husband Mark, knew from the outset that they wanted to raise their family abroad so they made the decision to move to the Seychelles only a month after marrying! They now have two children and Chantelle blogs about life as an expat in this tropical paradise.
Post to check out: Expat Family Guilt

Based in: Switzerland

This one is a really sweet blog by an American expat living in Switzerland with her three children. It follows their daily adventures and is a fresh perspective on the expat life. In particular, she discusses the pros and cons of raising her children in Switzerland and provides travel advice for the area. It is the perfect blog for parents dreaming of an idyllic Swiss life.

Post to check out: 24 Hours in Zurich

Based in: Germany

Yolande started out writing this blog (like most of us) as a sort of online journal. However, it has blossomed into a really great repository of helpful information about German life and culture. It is a great resource for young families in Germany and for parents of third culture kids.

Hopefully, this list will inspire you and take you on new wanderlust-ing daydreams! I hope these expat blogs will help answer some of the parenting questions you have about raising your children abroad. If you are one of those lucky families moving abroad, please ensure to protect your family’s health and get expat health insurance, especially if you headed to place without socialised medicine. Trust me, you will be so grateful you did. 

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