27 February 2019


These first three photos are for all of you that look at Ezra, then squint at Jon and I and say, "so, which one of you does he look like?"

That question honestly freaked me out so badly at the beginning. Being an IVF baby, there is always that weird one-in-a-million chance that the doctors got the egg or sperm or both mixed up before putting them back where they belong. What if Ezra isn't my biological baby? Honestly, not that big of a deal...until you think about the rights of the actual biological parents. And what if my biological baby was out there with someone else? THAT would kill me.

Luckily, as you can see by the photos, there is very little to worry about on that count.

On first glance, it appears that Ezra looks just like his mama. But, if you look a little longer you can see that, actually, he is about halfway between both of us. His nose shape and chin are a mix of us both. He may have my hairline, but his hair has gone blond like his daddy's did when he was a baby. Also, the spacing of his eyes and nose are exactly like Jon, as are his very vividly blue eyes. He is a beautiful, synergistic blend that is somehow both much cuter and cooler than either of his parents ever were as babies.

In other news, I've started taking a boxing class. It feels especially progressive heading off to go boxing with my girlfriends when our husbands are back at home with the babies.

So, I guess, point to women's lib...

That is until you wake up for the next three days feeling like you are dying. Then you start to wonder if maybe boxing is fundamentally incompatible with a mom bod. The jury is still out, but we have another class tonight so we'll see how it goes.

Ezra loves books (sometimes that just means he loves pushing them off onto the floor), so we spend a fair bit of time at the library these days. You can see how excited he is to be there. I feel you little man... every time I move someplace new and I have to get a new library card, it feels like the world is suddenly at my fingertips. It is thrilling to think of all the things he still gets to learn from books.

Now that the temperature is the warmest February it has ever been in recorded UK history, we are loving the park! We are lucky to have an amazing one right within walking distance of our house. Sometimes we can even wrangle Jon into coming with us.

Right now I spend every free moment during the day studying for my 'Life in the UK' test, which is a prerequisite for getting permanent residency. It is brutal. You can try a practice test for yourself here. Jon is applying for residency this week and (if we get accepted), I have about three weeks to pass the test and apply as well. Please pray (or send positive affirming vibes into the universe--whatever your jam is) for us! We've already been rejected once on a technicality, so we are hoping everything goes through this time without a hitch.

This photo probably belongs in the last post, but it is a good behind-the-scenes of what motherhood looks like for me, frequently with a camera up and making a funny face while a baby stares. I'm lucky that he is--generally--a very good natured little squish. He never puts up a fuss when I scramble to find my camera to capture whatever funny thing he is currently doing.

He is turning into a little boy very quickly though... much faster than I expected. I always told myself that I'd stop posting photos of him publicly online once he turned one year old because I think children deserve their privacy. I set the time at one year because I figured that, before that, they were just most little squidgy blobs without much going on. But Ezra already feels like a little boy with a robust personality and sense of humour. It is starting to feel like the time to go incognito is close at hand.

So, what does that mean? Do I just stop posting photos of Ezra on the blog? Or do I set it to private so only friends and family have access? Still thinking on it... but I'll keep you all updated. Until then, here is just one more of my favourite photos this week of Ezra and his cheeky little tongue that always seems to have a mind of its own.

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