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25 August 2014

Some Highlights ● by Jess

I'm long overdue on catching up with photos on this blog, but as far a few recent highlights, we recently attended an Eric Whitaker (a composer) concert. I was not familiar with Eric Whitaker prior to meeting Jon, but my husband is definitely an... enthusiast? That might be putting it too mildly.

Once when Jon was walking home from church, he spotted a many with shoulder length blond hair walking with his wife and child. Immediately Jon recognised him as Eric Whitaker, legendary composer, and ran after him, yelling "Eric! ERIC! HI!"

Somehow it was indeed the man himself and Jon got to shake his hand and introduce himself. It pretty much made Jon's whole month, though to be honest I'm still trying to figure out how Jon was able to "recognise" a composer on the street.

Anyway, Jon got tickets to his concert and it was absolutely beautiful, funny and entertaining.

Classical music makes Jon ravenous for chocolate. 

We also spent a day at the British museum. Unfortunatly, we ended up going on one of the hottest days of the summer and on a Saturday. But, even with all the tourists and the muggy heat it was still amazing!

20 August 2014

One Year London Anniversary ● by Jon and Jess

Holy guacamole folks, its been one full year today since we moved to London. It some ways it feels like yesterday that we were in Queens, and it others it feels like we've always been here.

We decided to do a little tribute to our first here in this marvellous city. Cue the Beatles!

05 August 2014

Behind the Scenes in Pierrefitte-Nestalas ● by Jess

Been going through our phones and cameras and realised we had a bunch of little chips from this trip! Hobbled together a few them, threw in some music, and now we have a behind the scenes of our trip to Southern France.