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30 January 2016

A Day from Travelex

The last two weeks have past by in a total blur. Andrew has come to London to visit us on our short two week adventure before we head back to London.

Conveniently, Travelex contacted me and told me they wanted to sponsor one of our days in London with a Travelex Cash Passport card. They'd give me £100 and I'd get to write about it. This sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me, so off to the Travelex kiosk in Selfrdiges we went.

The card itself is actually great (better than expected)... it is Mastercard and I'd be able to use it in Australia (or anywhere else in the world I wanted) as long as I uploaded money on it first. This is a pretty great deal because we are currently getting hammered with foreign transaction fees in Australia whenever we use our debit or credit cards.

Anyway, after picking up the card, we decided to start the day near Carnaby Street. Andrew needed to be introduced to the glory that is Choccywoccydoodah, and the lucky thing was that there wasn't even a line! In fact, we had arrived early enough that we had our choice of seating, which was pretty prime.

The last time we went I was kind of unimpressed with the hot chocolate, but this time it was amazing. We ordered a hot chocolate and some little hot pots (which is almost like mini chocolate fondues), wherein we dipped various forms of chocolate into chocolate. It was divine.

Cost: £10.99

Afterwards we walked round to Liberty of London. We tried to find their Christmas section, only to realise they don't have it in January. However, in its place we found a clearance section (WHAT?!) and bins of fabric. Oh glory day! This fabric is usually pretty expensive so, I got myself a couple of little treasures to take home.

Cost: £20.00

Where's Waldo... er, Andrew?

Then we walked down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus

Cost: Free

After that we hoped on the 23 bus to St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Cost: £3

I took Andrew up to the New One Change deck for the view.

Cost: Free

We then took the beautiful walk across the Thames via the Millennium bridge to see the Globe theatre down to Tower Bridge.

Cost: Free

We stopped near Borough Market and got some fish and chips at a pub... it was a splurge since we were in tourist territory, but it was mighty tasty. (Admission: We were so hungry we didn't get a photo... but this is a photo of a photo of fish and chips we took from the advertisement outside the door!)

Cost: £25.50

Then, we took the bus home.

Cost: £3.00

And took a little nap.

Later we got up and started filming Andrew's new music video on Oxford Street. Ladies, brace yourselves the video is coming soon!

Cost: Free

Then treated ourselves to Wagamamas and some good conversation. Seriously this kid is such a deep thinker and very insightful. 

Cost: £36

So with a cool £1.51 remaining, that was our day! Thanks Travelex for sponsoring such a lovely day for us and an extra big thanks to Andrew for coming all the way to England to hang ;)

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20 January 2016

We Made It!

Well, we made it back to London! Just in time to find this cool cat at the airport. Jon's little bro Andrew is coming to hang with us for our brief hiatus in London before we head back to Australia for another 3 months. This little trip will be jam packed with a trip to the Lake District, filming a music video and soaking up every British cliche I can muster.

13 January 2016

Rich and Mya Come to Brisbane

My brother Rich and his wife Mya (and son Lucas) came to visit us again this year! We didn't get to spend too much time together, so we made the most of it by going to to the Tambourine Rainforest Skywalk and enjoying the beach.

The Skywalk is this insanely gorgeous set of bridges up in the trees (and also down on the ground) that take you through what it would feel like to be Tarzan or a tropical bird or a total wuss with really bad vertigo. Everything is fine until someone starts making the bridge shake or sway... then you're clutching the edge hoping the bolts that are holding you up don't suddenly give way. 

We did a lot of searching for koalas at Mya's request. We never did find one in its natural habitat, but I know there were there! Cheeky little furballs were probably hiding. 

Lucas pretty much stole my heart on this trip. Maybe its because he's the only nephew I have that share a bit of my DNA, or maybe its because he's a little firecracker-smarty-pants that likes cuddles and (newly introduced) Peppa Pig. Whatever the reason, I miss this kid already!

After our walk through the rainforest, we decided we needed a little beach time, so off we went. Lucas had had a couple experiences with the waves already on this trip, and wasn't super keen to be out in the water. However, little dude was killing it at digging in the sand and pretending to be like daddy. 

Glad these three got home safely... just in time for more adventures :)

11 January 2016

Christmas Down Under

Well, after a very inconvenient technical meltdown, MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

This was our first tropical holiday season of either of our lives, and it honestly felt so weird. How can you be listening to Christmas music while feeling the sand between your toes? (And I ask this as someone that has no qualms about pulling out the carols starting in September).

We decided holiday needed capturing with some photos at our favourite beach: Surfer's Paradise. The water is always so warm and the beach is so pristine! It is the only beach I've ever been to where there were skyscrapers fringing the shore, and I have to say, I may be ruined for life when it comes to any other beach.

Christmas Eve, we opted for "A Christmas Story' style dining and went in to Chinatown were we ate at this awesome restaurant that literally pull the fish out of the tank to prepare your food. Super fresh. Then we drove through town just in time to hear the church bells calling. So we decided to pop in for midnight mass at St. John's cathedral. It was so lovely and it was genuinely the first time it felt like Christmas around here. 

The next day we headed out of town to Jon's bosses house, which basically out in the tropical rainforest. We spent the day eating with his family and playing with his grandkids. If we couldn't be with our families, it was nice to be such a loving group of people. 

So here's to Christmas 2015! I've never thought I'd be celebrating the holidays with beaches, rainforests, and Chinese food, but what a year. Excited to see what next year brings.