16 November 2013

Southbank Christmas Market ● by Jess

I had heard of the European Christmas markets before I moved here-- I even imagined them as quaint little bavarian stalls all lined up like gift-bearing elves for the holidays. Let me tell you friends, I have now experienced my first and it did not disappoint!

Today Jon and I spent our afternoon at the Southbank Christmas Market. It just opened yesterday and it was marvelous. There were german food stalls and beautiful hand-blown glass and gingerbread and possibly the best Santa known to man. The street food was excellent-- we munched on salt beef, potatoes, candied pecans and hot chocolate (strange mix when put together in a sentence, but it tasted Christmas-y!). It was all so festive; London is definitely doing Christmas right. 


  1. I remember being in York four years ago over Thanksgiving and loving the fact that the Christmas celebrating was already in full swing. I love love love it!! Enjoy!!!