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14 October 2016


Hello world! I am officially a university student again. Whoo hoo!

I am still considered an international student, which means tuition is insanely expensive and just getting into classes means jumping through twenty bureaucratic hoops that are completely unnecessary. But, once you finally get in the program, it is pretty mind-blowing. 

Currently, my favourite class is at the National Gallery and focuses on art as a theological medium. The class is taught by Ben Quash who is also an Anglican priest, so every point of doctrine is treated as truth, which I love. However, sometimes it feels like mental gymnastics. 

I've never been surrounded by people outside my faith that were so well-versed in scripture. They know their Bible backwards, forwards, and understand all the deep, deep doctrine and implications behind it. The weird thing is that even though we are all reading from the same book, the interpretations are VASTLY different. As mind-bending as it can be sometimes, I'm really enjoying thinking about Mormonism from a new vantage point. 

I went in to talk to Ben about this, (I needed some doctrinal points clarified) and found out I'm the first Mormon they've ever had in the program.  Makes me feel pretty cool, and I'm hoping I am just the first of many.  

This has been my bedside table lately. Up until this morning, there were twice as many books all from the glorious Maughn library which I know have full access too. I am not exaggerating when I say the library itself might be worth the tuition. That place is insane (think I'll do a post on it soon). 

Every day I walk back and forth between the Maughn and campus I pass by the beautiful Courts of Justice buildings (below). 

One of the cool and unexpected perks of being in the program is that I get special access to certain museum collections. We were brought down to this one, in the belly of the National Gallery earlier this week. 

It genuinely feels like you've just walked into some cave of treasures. They unlock the doors and all this beautiful art, in jewel-tones and gilded in gold, is staring back at you and you think "AH AM I DREAMING THIS IS HEAVEN!" It gets even better as we stand around and discuss it. 

In other news, this past month or so has been very busy. I've had an aunt-in-law, brother-in-law, and a step-great-uncle and his two sisters (whom I didn't even know existed) all come out to visit. Jon is back in the UK and working up in Sheffield and I'm back nannying. I'm also back in charge of the nursery on Sundays, which I am genuinely happy about. 

Life is good. I'm enjoying living in the now.