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26 December 2014

Rich & Mya Come to London | Vlog | Episode 16 ● by Jess

My brother, his very sweet wife, and their adorable baby, came to visit us in London for Christmas. Fun, festive times were had!!

19 December 2014

Winter Wonderland | Young Rubbish Vlog | Episode 15 ● by Jess

Winter Wonderland is possibly my favourite thing about living in London during Christmas time. We went last year and loved it... but I feel like it gets better and better each year. It is this massive carnival + bavarian winter market that comes to Hyde Park year year. It literally takes 2 hours just to walk through it, much less ride the rides or buy anything. It just feels like this glittering, sparkling, magical funland... and it pretty much brings the inner kid right out of you!

14 December 2014

Holiday Update ● by Jess

I don't usually get to gush about all my little kidlets, but, since my school posted these photos of our Nativity play on Twitter, I think I'm in the safe zone! I can't say much about it, except to say that it was one of the most adorable things I've seen in a long time. The kids owned it-- each person had their own lines to memorise and songs to learn and they did so well!In other news, Jon turned 30 this week. What a stud! Plus he decided to spend his birthday at the opera (we saw L'elisir d'amour). What a cultured guy! I'm one lucky lady....
Now that I'm out of school for Christmas, and I finally have a chance to take a breathe, I am-- of course-- sick.  Battling with a pretty nasty sounding chest cold at the moment, but I've got a couple of exciting things up my sleeve for Christmas! Stay posted for some holiday vlogs!

07 December 2014

Friendsgiving | Young Rubbish Vlog | Episode 14 ● by Jess

[*Disclaimer* This is a small amount of language in the postscript, although its been bleeped out for some of our younger viewers. Consider yourself sufficiently warned!]

When you're in a foreign country, you sometimes miss the holidays from back home. We got together last week with some of our expat friends from work and we all celebrated Thanksgiving, friends style!

It was so warm and cozy in Michele's flat (thanks again for hosting Michele!!) and it was awesome just eating food with fun people.

Happy Holidays!!

01 December 2014

Poppies | Vlog | Episode 13 ● by Jess

[*Please Note* This video is now set to private]

A look at the centennial year of Remembrance of WWI here in in London.

We went to visit the epic poppy ceramic exhibition at the Tower of London. Each poppy represents one of the fallen soldiers in WWI. As a whole, the poppies also represent the blood spilt during the war (the poppies are literally gushing out of the windows).

I love that in the UK there is just this collective memory of WWI... its something that doesn't really exist in the United States, and it is a really moving thing.

If you have yet to see it, please watch this:
It is one of the most beautiful and moving things I have seen in awhile.