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29 August 2013

Oh Happy Day ● by Jess

Today has been marvellous :)

London Lifestyle Blog
Jon went to lunch with a colleague, while I ran some errands and we met up on the steps of St. Paul's cathedral afterwards. I'm fairly certain this is where the bird lady from Mary Poppins was. It is a pretty epic building and part of me wishes we could live in this area. I absolutely love it! Jon and I had fun taking photos of our reflections in the modern silver statues around St. Paul's.

London Lifestyle BLog
London LIfestyle BLog

Tonight, Jon took me to a play at The Scoop near Tower Bridge. Prince of Plebes (a family friendly version) was playing there tonight and afterwards to got icecream and walked around checking out the Tower of London and all the sites between us and home. Beautiful!

London LIfestyle Blog
London Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle blogLondon Lifestyle Blog

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1 comment:

  1. Jess' favorite line from the play was, "Natty, little speedo!"