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30 October 2013

Our Life in the Funnies ● by Jess

October is a pretty important month in the Young family. Five years ago this month, Jon and I met for the first time. Three years ago this month, we went on our first date. All around, October has a lot to celebrate for us, so I thought I'd show you what the last five years of our life would look like if it were shown via the newspaper funnies section.

Jon and I first met in 2008 at BYU at a pancake party. Needless to say, it was not a resounding success for either of us.
Two years later, we found each other again and we went on our first date. Jon took me to the symphony, where one of our favorite composers (Mahler) was being performed. 
Still, we started dating, and although we cared a lot for one another, the next year a half was a whole lot of this: 
By some glorious miracle though, we both figured it out. At the time, Jon was living in Harlem and I was in Boston, but we still got engaged!!
After we got married, I joined Jon in NYC. We got to enjoy all the pleasures of newlywed life. 
Now, in our second year of marriage, we live in London. Sometimes we have different ideas about life and politics.
Yet through it all, these last five years have been amazingly marvelous. Hopefully, we can look forward to a little of this in our future: 
Happy Five Years! I hope the next five are just as exciting, crazy and quirky :)


  1. Haha loved the cartoons :) Happy 5 years!!!

  2. What a terrific way to do a timeline! Blessings all around!