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15 November 2014

Scotland [Part 3 of 3] | Young Rubbish Vlog | Episode 12

We started the day by  walking out into one of the most beautiful autumn mornings I've ever seen. Then we headed north to try to get to John O'Groats, one of the northernmost points in Scotland. We stopped at Dunrobin castle, which looks like to is straight out of a fairytale. Even though the castle was closed, we ended up sneaking in to the back garden, after we saw someone go in to the castle and smile and wave. It was magical.

We made our way farther and farther north, and ended up stopping at this little town out of the twilight zone in a desperate attempt to find a bathroom. Fortunately, we found one-- after great effort-- and headed all the way up the top.

Unfortunately, the day ended very poorly, which I'll leave to the video to describe. It pretty much bottomed out the whole next day, but we are planning on heading back up over the New Year to spend time with the family of one of my friends. Until December, Scotland!

(Isn't he just yummy?! I'm such a lucky girl :)  )

10 November 2014

Scotland [Part 2 of 3] | Young Rubbish Vlog | Episode 11

We drove where James Bond drove and we swam where Nessy swam!

06 November 2014

Scotland [Part 1 of 3] | Young Rubbish Vlog | Episode 10

The first leg of our epic Scottish road trip -- including missing our train at King's Cross Station, a tartan history lesson, a pint-sized euro car, Edinburgh by night and the scariest drive of our lives.