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26 October 2014

Westminster Evensong | Vlog (Episode Eight) ● by Jess

Every now and then, we'll have a video set to private, so only our family will see it. This may be for a few reasons... maybe we are discussing something private or about my work (legally I can't discuss anything-- even the cute things! that happen at school without specific permission)... or perhaps its because we snagged some footage that we could get into trouble for capturing. Because I operate on the "forgiveness is easier than permission" mantra, when it comes to my camera, this will probably happen  more often than I'd like to admit. ;)

Anyway, I'll let you guess why today's video is set to private. It's a short, lovely afternoon at Westminster Evensong and here is a still to tease...

23 October 2014

Seven Noses of Soho | Vlog (Episode Seven) ● by Jess

We went on the search for the legendary Seven Noses of Soho!

19 October 2014

BBC Proms | Vlog (Episode Six) ● by Jess

We learned the true meaning of "promming" with our friend Anika at the Royal Albert Hall, where we were able to see Beethoven's Ninth Symphony on the last night of the BBC Proms.

16 October 2014

Globe Theatre | Vlog (Episode Five) ● by Jess

A low key belated birthday date to a midnight showing of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors at the Globe Theatre. So cool! We also went to dinner at the Laughing Gravy, which is probably the best name of a restaurant I've ever heard. :)

12 October 2014

St. Pancras Tree | Vlog (Episode Four) ● by Jess

Exploring St. Pancras Cemetery, finding a tree growing over the top of old tombstones, and spying on some scary people in the bushes.

09 October 2014

The Love Festival | Vlog (Episode Three) ● by Jess

A giant love festival where hundreds of people all got married at the same time!

04 October 2014

Rooftops and Chocolate | Vlog (Episode Two) ● by Jess

A trip down Oxford Street, one of the main stopping districts in London... from rooftops to chocolate to some really disturbing history.

01 October 2014

Camden Town | Vlog (Episode One) ● by Jess

[*Disclaimer* This episode was shot in Camden, which is a edgy part of London that tends to be a bit risque at times. Though I would show this video to my own kids (if I had them), I'd give it a 'PG' rating, so siblings-in-law that are particular about your kidlet's media, you've been forewarned.]