11 June 2019


Change is on the horizon. 
And I’m silently freaking out about it a little bit. 

First, my little munchkin is almost eleven months, which means—in very short order—he is going to be one year old. Where are this year gone? And for that matter, where has my body gone? And my mind? I’m sure I didn’t realise I’d loose it all this quickly. 

Ezra is growing growing.. but somehow not really eating. It is a daily challenge to get him to swallow food. For the most part, he is uninterested, which is very frustrating given his early interest in all things food-related. Now, I make him meals mostly to serve as a distraction because I might have a big enough appetite for the two of us. 

This past week, I was in the living room when I suddenly heard a glass jar his the ground. Ezra had found an unopened jar of olives and twisted off the cap (how??), then covered the ground in olives and juice. Apparently, he just really wanted an olive, which is strange because he’s never had one before. He got his olive. I got to clean up his mess. I was just grateful he actually wanted to eat something.

Over the bank holiday a week or so ago, we went up to visit York. Jon and I decided to go up to Leeds and our friend Serena was going to be there visiting her family, so she offered to give us the royal tour. 

First, we visited the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey, a lovely picturesque Cistercian monastary outside of Leeds. Quick history lesson: It was founded in 1152 and was disestablished during the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII.

Jon trying to inoculate our son against my vegetarianism.

Never have I seen a child more in love with dogs. It has actually made me more social than I've been before as Ezra's enthusiasm makes all dog-owners stop and chat with us whenever we go on walks.

Then we went and met up with Robin and Serena. Ezra was SO excited to see Robin that we finally got all the smiles we’d been trying to get out of him all day. We walked around York together, getting seeing the Shambles (the road that inspired Diagon Alley).

Ezra's hair was channelling Hedwig. 

Finally, we saw York Minster, the main cathedral in York and probably one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Serena pointed out that the stone carvings around the inside of the doorway are all characters from the Old Testament, which makes my theological-art-loving soul sing.

Also, roast dinner in a Yorkshire pudding wrap is insanely yum, even the vegetarian version. 

Jon and Ezra were on the lookout for ghosts. The National Trust people who work at the Treasurer's House (above) were very keen to tell us about all the spiritual activity haunting the property. Apparently, Roman soldiers have nothing better to do in the afterlife and hang out in the basement (although it is now the gift shop sooooo maybe the boys just have an affinity for cheap trinkets and tourist literature, who knows?). 

While getting this little boy to actually swallow food continues to be an uphill battle, ice cream is one of those things he would eat til he passed out. York has an amazing gelato parlour called Luxury Ice Cream Co. (LICC) which we highly recommend. 

A bit of sad news... Ezra's best mate Avery moved away up to Gloucester. I still dream that one day they'll meet up again and fall madly in love. I do love that little squish and we'll miss her and her sweet parents.

Anyway, I sure do love this cheeky little ham of mine. He is getting more and more fun every day. Can't wait til I get to hear all the little thoughts running around in his brain.