22 July 2019

Time to Go Private

Right now I'm on holiday... soaking up some American sunshine and enjoying having family around to keep my little man occupied. I took this photo almost exactly one year ago today and I can't believe how much this little squish has added to my life. 

Because of that, the time has come for this little piece of the internet to go private. Little Ezra is getting old enough now to be his own person and, for me, that means restricting what I show and say about him to family and friends. 

Soooooo, that means as of September 1st, this blog will only be accessible to those of you whose emails have been granted permission. If you are interested in continuing to reading along and following the comings and goings of Young Rubbish, please send me an email at youngrubbish@gmail.com with your name and email. You'll still be able to request access after that date, but you won't be able to access this content without it. 

Anyway, it has been a real adventure sharing our lives with the world. Thanks for enjoying the ride with us.