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19 February 2014

Opera Dress ● by Jess

Sometimes I like to pretend that I would have been a fashion designer in another life. Of course, that would require some semblance of style, so it fell off the list of potential career tracks pretty quickly.

That being said, I am a devout watcher of project runway and, armed with a circa 1970 Bernina sewing machine, I still like to dabble in the dream every once in awhile.

Tomorrow Jon is taking me to the opera, which is one of the few occasions in life where society offers the chance to wear a full-length gown, and not feel like Marie Antoinette in the middle of a Kansas rodeo. I really want it to be something special! Lately, I've been more than mildly obsessed with the clothing in Downton Abbey, so I decided to design a dress loosely inspired by 1910s fashion. Here is the current design:

It is feeling a little ambitious right now... especially given that I have a grand total of £20 to spend on materials. But, second-hand stores and discount clothing markets have never failed me before! We'll see what happens.... 

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