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28 July 2014

Bath ● by Jess

I feel like I should start out this post by acknowledging that sometimes, when I'm super relaxed and traveling, I completely forget that I'm a photographer. I just lug around my huge camera and lenses and don't bother to pick it up, hence the short movie and scanty snaps.

That being said, hopefully thiese shots do it justice. There are few places I've been that make me as happy as this town.

How could anyone not love Bath? It is so insanely beautiful and definitely makes my little Neo-Palladian-loving soul sing with joy. *sigh* I love this place. 

Bath is the setting of several of Jane Austen's stories and was a place she lived for several years. We visited her house and took photos in front of this pensive statue. There was also a live male in costume, but he was skeevy, so we stuck to fake Jane.

Bath is quite literally named after the Roman hot springs that were here thousands of years ago. They were rediscovered in the Georgian era and the town exploded. The bath's can still be toured today + there is an awesome brand new spa for the modern spa-lover.

On this trip we used Airbnb for the first time and stayed in an amazing place! Our hosts were amazing and even brought us a full goodie basket. Seriously makes me a believer in Airbnb.

The best vacations are where you spend the bulk of your time eating, in my personal opinion. We had some *phenomenal* food. Our favorites were Sotto Sotto (this incredible underground Italian restaurant) and Sally Lunn's (which was around in Jane Austen's time and is world famous for their "Sally Lunn Bun"). 

Overall it was a relaxing wonderful trip and I highly recommend it to anyone heading to England anytime soon.

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