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17 May 2015

Right Now May 16 ● by Jess

Life has been a complete buzz lately. I sometimes feel my head spinning just trying to keep up with it all.

My brother recently got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend, Sika. When I was in Utah they came down to say hello, which I was super excited about. It meant I got to give them their wedding present early-- engagement photos all around!

I've been trying to decide whether I can go back and get my Master's this autumn. I desperately want to, and I've already gotten in to my school and program of choice.... but money. MONEY. Every single year I do this. I get into a program and then when it comes down to it, I realise I can't afford it. *sigh* Holding on to hope for now, but things are looking grim.

The last week and a half of my life has been spent digitising Jon's family's massive collection of home movies. Non-stop. It has been amazing.

To start, when I came back to London, I was in a pitiable state. I missed everyone so much, my heart hurt. So, going through endless hours of footage has been a wonderful way to indulge in a productive (obsessive) nostalgia. I have to play each clip through, so I have seen every single moment. I've watched Jon grow up... seen virtually every birthday, every Christmas, I even got to see his first date. Even with the awkward boring bits, it makes me love the family I married into even more. I'm one lucky girl.

That being said, I'm pretty sure the VCR we brought back with us didn't make it (which I'll need for the big tapes). I haven't tried yet, because we realised when we unpacked it that it would require a voltage converter (which be don't have), lest it blow up, like we did to our mixer. Do I have any readers in London out there that are feeling particularly kind enough to let me borrow their VCR for 3-4 days? I'll bring it back to you in perfect condition... and even make you chocolate chip cookies. ;)

I'm serious about the cookie thing. Think about it.

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