12 May 2016

New York City

While we were in Australia, I found two rolls of film at the bottom of one of my bags. One was black and white and the other was some old colour slide film. I wasn't exactly sure when I'd taken them, as I haven't used film in awhile. So, as soon as we got back to London, I had them developed.

When they came back, it was really exciting, because I realised that these photos are really an emotional snapshot of my life back when we were living in New York. I had taken the two rolls while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, and through Chinatown and Little Italy. In them I see my awe and admiration of they city, but also fear and a little disquieting tension. 

I've never been shy about my feelings about NYC, and that city and I have definitely had our ups and downs, but I feel quite lucky to have had a year and half with her. New York is a glorious, iconic city. (Also, colour slide film... I gotta get me some more that!)

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