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28 October 2013

30 Days of Vegan: Week Four (Failure) ● by Jess

This past week was the final stretch of vegan month and... Jon and I fell off the wagon. The culprit? Haagen Daz. Sad thing is we never quite made it back on, which is not exactly shocking if you've met seen how fast we can down two pints of ice cream. It's been a really busy last week so I suppose it just sort of got away from us. Here's what we've been up to in the mean time....

Last weekend, I had a really amazing bridal session at St Dunstan in the East church. It is a cathedral that was bombed out during the blitz in WWII and has become overgrown and is unbelievably beautiful. The lovely Rachel Williamson put the whole thing together in less than 24 hours. I was very impressed, to say the least. This was one of those shoots where I just kept dancing around with happiness because everything was going so beautifully.

I always love it when Jon comes along to assist with me. He always sees things that I miss (little details like whether hands are in pockets or something is in the background). He often has the most creative ideas that make the shoots even better. He came up with the idea for the falling leaves and I *LOVED* it.

Jon also came along with me on an engagement-style shoot (which was AMAZING considering how crummy the weeks have been previously regarding these types of sessions) I did on Portabello Road and St. Pancras/Kings Cross Station. Amanda and Ben are two amazingly beautiful people, it was lovely to get to know them better.

I also managed to snag an invitation to the very exclusive b party, hosted by b.loved weddings. I think I just barely squeaked in on the invitation list because they featured my work on their site not too long ago, but however it happened, I sure felt lucky to be among the chosen!

The party was at Canary Wharf and was filled with all the sparkle and shine a wedding vendor could ask for (my phone photos really don't do it justice). My friend Liz (an event planner) and I were the only rebels brave enough to destroy the perfectly manicured dessert table by enjoying the goodies... but when cake pops call, you answer.

On Saturday, I also shot a fashion show at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kensington. I'll be honest here and say this was the worst event I've ever shot in my life. Keeping in mind that I was offering my services free of charge (in efforts to make a meaningful connection with the event planner), it is almost unreal how it all played out. From going five hours over our prearranged time, to the surreal lack of professionalism (the planner actually yelled at me mid-show, on the runway-- for reasons neither myself, not the audience members, are be sure of ). I now vow will never shoot another event like that again. Never.

That being said, the designer, the models, and all the other lovely vendors there were great. The show was about embracing diversity in the wedding industry, which I love. The little ones especially were fabulous, and I wanted to take each one of them home!

Anyway, if anyone is interested in the recipes I WOULD HAVE used had I actually completely the 30 day vegan challenge, feel free to shoot me a message. I'll be happy to send them your way :)

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