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06 October 2013

Platform 9 and 3/4 ● by Jess

Its been a pretty busy week for Jon and me. On Wednesday, I shot an event for the UKAWP (United Kingdom Alliance of Wedding Planners), which was epic fun because the party was held on the Barracuda (a boat!). The whole floating party went up and down the Thames from the London Eye down to Canary Wharf and back. It was really fantastic meeting so many amazing people!

This weekend, before Conference started (which begins at 5pm for us here), Jon and I went off to Kings Cross. Maybe its a little cliche, but we wanted to find Platform 9 and 3/4, and we were totally jazzed about it!

This was the building we originally thought was Kings Cross. Fortunately, an amused kiosk person pointed us to the real Kings Cross which was just across the way. 

There Jon was, just minding his own little Hogwarts trolley, then BAM! Had to show him who was the boss of the cart. 

*sigh* Yes, we are THOSE people when it comes to Harry Potter. But we got cheers from the crowd!  Jon pointed out later that I look like I'm trying to flamenco or something... I comfort myself in the certainty that it was this artistic flair that caused the cheering. Ole!

As we walked home, we stumbled upon this glorious little treasure! I was really impressed because Jon is the one that spotted it and recognized it as a Banksy right away (even before me!)

Earlier this week, Jon spoke at the London Economics Debating Society. He was anticipating just giving a short presentation for the privatization of the postal system, but ended up pretty much running the whole show! 3/4 of all the questions were directed to him and he did a brilliant job convincing everyone that it was the way to go. So impressed!

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