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21 December 2013

Carnival at Night ● by Jess

Is there anything better than spending oodles of money on carnival rides? Maybe, but not when you are hanging out with the coolest French couple in all of London! We've been trying to plan this night out with Clément and Sarah (specifically to ride the much anticipated 'Blizzard') for awhile now, and it was definitely worth the wait! Such a fun night!

Yes darling friends, the image above does indeed show a woman unwrapping a KINDER CHOCOALTE BAR onto an enormous crepe (be still little heart!). Basically it is heaven all bundled up in European yum-ness. 

Jon has a pretty serious fear of heights, so I was very proud of him for braving through this ride! The Blizzard is by far the most terrifying ride in the park. The large arms swings you round and around while you do flips. Crazy! Also a very fun way to see the entire city all lit up at night. 

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  1. This looks Magical! Christmas Wonderland with Fun People!