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13 December 2013

When Diplomats Elope ● by Jess

I just had the weirdest day.

Around 2:45pm an email pops into my inbox from a really fabulous designer friend of mine, Chenca. She wrote, "I HAVE A BRIDE THAT URGENTLY NEEDS A PHOTOGRAPHER!! SHE'S GETTING MARRIED AT 3:30PM-- CAN YOU SHOOT IT?"

Since I was just editing images, and conveniently had a full set of lenses rented (after last weeks debacle), I happily hopped around the corner to Chenca's shop. I walk inside, past a small crowd of security and a wide-eyed Chenca started gushing-- apparently the groom was a well-to-do diplomat and the couple was eloping (Intrigue!).

I slipped in the fitting room to find the bride-- a sweet looking girl, who very much had the soft pudge of youth still about her. She was spouting French on the phone excitedly as Chenca and her assistant put together the finishing touches.

Almost as quickly as I was brought in, I was ushered out-- out the door and into a private town car where we were whisked across town the courthouse.

Once inside the hall, I realize that, despite the superb flowers and gown, this was REALLY an elopement. No family, just two or three friends from each side of the bride and groom had come.

After a quaint civil ceremony, we are off the reception, but the groom wanted to make a stop at Selfridges to pick up a gown for his new wife. She has apparently already had it fitted, so while he went in, I chatted with the bride in attempts to squeeze out a few details to the seemingly tabloid-worthy day.

Without much time, I received little more than the fact that she was a trilingual student studying International Business. Soon, we were off to the Four Seasons for an intimate dinner in a private room.

In the end, despite numerous attempts by yours truly to get either the bride or groom's contact information, no one would give it to me! Ultimately, I was handed a giant wad of cash and was told that I would be paid half now, and half in a week when the diplomat's private driver would come to collect the disk of images. All my communication with the bride and groom is to be with the driver alone.

It was crazy. After a whirlwind of a day, I finally got home sat down at my computer. I realized that today is Friday the 13th and somehow that fact makes every bizarre thing that happened today feel exactly perfect.

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