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07 April 2014

Best Kept British Seaside Secrets ● by Jess

So, Jon and I now have all this free travel credit after one of our trips was cancelled. We decided that we wanted to use it for a low-key, maybe beachy weekend trip in May. That seems like it shouldn't be too hard, given that England is an island. It has been surprisingly tricky....

Each of my plans has managed to crumble for one reason or another, though they were all epic holidays! I definitely researched my little buns off.

Someday I hope we can take these trips. Although this post is mostly for my own reference (so I have all the info somewhere), I imagine there is someone out there that would appreciate all the research :)

1) Tintagel: Legendary Ruins

Sources: Red Bubble & Flowerona
Sources: Flickr
This beautiful set of seaside ruins, down in Cornwall, is-- as tradition holds-- the location of Camelot and King Arthur's castle. The town of Tintagel is this adorable little village right next to the castle ruins. A short distance away is St. Nectar's Glen with its beautiful waterfall (pictured above). 

2) Llandudno & Conwy: Victorian Welsh Coast

Llandudno is a seaside resort in Wales with these a beautiful Victorian beachfront stretch. After walking along the beach, many vistors enjoy scaling the limestone headland (which is pretty easily done with Great Orme Tramway, which takes tourists to the top). 

The area has a long beautiful pier and during the bank holiday weekend in May, the town has a three day Victorian Street Carnival. 

Conwy castle is just a short train ride away as well. The ride there is apparently really scenic and pleasant. 

Source: VisitWales 
Source: StaticFlickr
Source: DPPhotographer
3) Scarborough: The Original 

Scarborough is actually the very first british seaside resort-- people have been going there for over 360 years! It has clean, picturesque beaches and a castle. For those not content with that, just outside the town are moorlands and an ancient woodland to discover. 

Nearby is Whitby, which is another lovely historic town, that has the remains of Whitby Abbey. 

Also, quick tip, Groupon is currently running a deal for a two night stay for 2 with breakfast for only £109!! The deal is for one of the highest rated hotels in town (plus it has a pretty fab pool). Get it while its hot!

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Imgur
Source: BritianExpress

So, hopefully that inspires someone out there! Jon and I will instead be heading to Bath for a much less beachy (but much more Spa-like!) trip in May. 'Twill be lots of fun :)

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  1. Tintagel looks like a woodland fairy hideaway. Gorgeous! That gets my vote.