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21 April 2014

The Feast of St. George ● by Jess

 Most of us grew up hearing the story of St. George slaying the dragon-- but I never knew there were places in the world where people celebrated it with a feast!

Today Jon and I spent the afternoon at Trafalgar Square at the Feast of St. George. It. Was. AWESOME! From the live music, to the amazing food and performers, we had so much fun.

Our favorite part was watching the kids along the knight's quest. The kids went to different stations to get jewels on their shield-- doing everything from the bravery test (putting their finger inside the dragon puppet's mouth) to the chivalry test (learning to "ride a horse" Monty Python style and bow with a flourish). In the end, they were rewarded by being knighted by the king with his very large sword. 

It was the most adorable things ever and desperately made me want to have a five year old so I could take them to get knighted too!

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