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18 June 2014

Maggie's Wedding ● by Jess

 This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being able to photograph one of our dearest friend's weddings in southern France. I feel like Maggie has been with us from the beginning-- we doubled with her on Jon's and my first date. Now she's married to Jean Baptiste and back in the US to get sealed in the temple and I feel like I could scream with happiness for her!  

Since my photography site is down for a bit of updating, I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments from the day on here. More to come when I get JKB Young Photography back up... In the meantime,  Enjoy!

I can't get enough of her dress! It was originally strapless, but (after a mildly traumatic experience with the original designer), Maggie took it to her seamstress in Arizona who magically fixed it within 36 hours! A MIRACLE!

Pierrefitte-Nestalas is this little village nestled in the Pyrenees mountains (which are huge). This place is charming, sleepy and one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life.

Just look at his face! GAHHH! So much love.... French weddings are required by law to be public so we had a whole lot of people in a tiny little room.

One of my favorite things about weddings is that I get to be apart of every beautiful moment-- and that includes all the inside jokes. I LOVE moments like this. 

The sit-down reception venue reminded me of Beauty and the Beast (maybe the antlers on the wall?)... but fancier... and just as French!

There were a million courses... The dinner portion literally lasted from 9pm to 2am. As an American, this was the longest meal I've ever eaten in my life. 

JB surprised Maggie by having fireworks go off during their first dance. CAN YOU GET ANY MORE ROMANTIC??!

One more thing... here is a picture of our hotel. Isn't it the cutest little hotel you've ever seen? It was built circa 1910.

That's all! I promise to be better about blogging and more posts are on their way :)


  1. Gorgeous. You are so talented! I love everything about this wedding. What a dream to be the photographer too. Love you.

    1. Thank you Emily! How are you doing?? I am always on the look out for you during conference now (it feels a bit like Where's Waldo?)-- I feel a serious sense of accomplishment when I see you singing!

  2. THIS IS STUNNING. Holy smokes! I love everyyyyything about this wedding and your photography. What a dream! Maggie is a lovely bride!

  3. Gorgeous as usual, Jess! I love the blue door picture. Can't wait to see more posts.

  4. I am still receiving compliments from all our guests. The food was delicious from appetizer to dessert. The manger and his staff were extremely professional.
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