14 December 2014

Holiday Update ● by Jess

I don't usually get to gush about all my little kidlets, but, since my school posted these photos of our Nativity play on Twitter, I think I'm in the safe zone! I can't say much about it, except to say that it was one of the most adorable things I've seen in a long time. The kids owned it-- each person had their own lines to memorise and songs to learn and they did so well!In other news, Jon turned 30 this week. What a stud! Plus he decided to spend his birthday at the opera (we saw L'elisir d'amour). What a cultured guy! I'm one lucky lady....
Now that I'm out of school for Christmas, and I finally have a chance to take a breathe, I am-- of course-- sick.  Battling with a pretty nasty sounding chest cold at the moment, but I've got a couple of exciting things up my sleeve for Christmas! Stay posted for some holiday vlogs!

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