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13 January 2015

Christmas Card Curse ● by Jess

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When it comes to Christmas cards, I'm pretty much cursed. 

In 2012, Christmas #1 together, the hard drive with our photos on it failed. In 2013, our photographer cancelled on us at the very last minute. This year, the big 2014, I was determined. Nothing was coming between me and getting those blasted cards out. 

We had a really fun photoshoot with the fabulous Mark Nortcliffe and lovely Kim Byrne. Afterwards, I did an obsessive amount of research to find the PERFECT cards. I settled on a set of beautiful, handmade cards, created by women in a small village in Bangladesh. Initially, I chose them because you directly pay the village women (via Paypal), but I fell in love with them because of the craftsmanship. Receiving them in the post was like opening a box of paper Faberge eggs. They were so delicate and detailed, I wanted to keep them all for myself. 

Needless to say, I was feelin' it this year. 
kissing on a bridge

The grand plan was to spend the train ride up to Perthshire writing charming, witty messages, sure to warm the figgy pudding of all our stateside friends and family. 

However, I was in a for a little surprise. Shortly after taking my seat on the train, an elderly lady sat down next to me. Watching her sit down was sort of like observing risen bread dough; it always seems to land with a decided plop, then slowly wheeze out as it sags amorphously over its surroundings. 

Resultantly, my elbow-- which has a tendency to wobble around when I'm writing-- had no more space of its own. I therefore determined to do it later. I slipped the card down by my feet for safe keeping. 

Soon enough though, our train arrived in Edinburgh. Because it was an Inverness bound train, it would only be stopping in Edinburgh for a moment or two. So, as we slowed, I informed my seat-mate that I'd soon be alighting. 

She looked at me, clearly annoyed. Then, ever so slowly, she rose and grumbled, drawing out the ascent as long as she possibly could. 

Were it not for my growing panic, I may have actually been able to admire the 30 seconds it took her to stand (Because seriously, try it... it takes skill). As it was though, I felt like a character from one of those horror films, watching life rise from some primordial ooze; but instead of fearing it, I was willing it (nay, pleading with it!) to move... at least just fast enough for me to get off the train. 

At long last, there was a gap, and I broke free. I grabbed my bags and darted from the train. We made it off in time!

Unfortunately, the relief was short lived. After arriving at my friend Harriet's house, I realised my envelope of glorious little cards was still on the floor of the train. 

So, here I am: Curse - 3, Jess - 0

Maybe 2015 will be my year....

[The photographs pictured above were some of the ones we were considering putting in our card. Image #1 (in front of Big Ben) was taken by Mark Nortcliffe Photography and image #2 (on the bridge) was taken by Kim Byrne Photography]


  1. Rats! What an unfortunate event! Actually, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

  2. Oh no! What a sad story! Your pictures are marvellous and I'm so sorry that this curse keeps happening to you. Your storytelling is excellent as well. My heart hurt with yours!