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01 January 2015

Peter Pan Cup | Vlog | Episode 17 ● by Jess

Fist of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jon and I have been up in Scotland for the past few days, so I've been behind in getting this video posted... but I've got several more in the works which I'm very excited about!

As for this one, on Christmas day, in London, virtually everything is closed. But, people have been going to compete in the Peter Pan Cup-- a swimming race in the Serpentine-- since 1864! That's a whole lot of history! And we definitely wanted to see it. So we got up bright and early on Christmas morning and went to watch the race in Hyde Park.

 Then we strolled around Hyde Park, feeding the ducks, and squirrels and feeling a bit like Disney princesses when the birds flew down out of the trees and ate right out of our hands. It was a magical Christmas morning to be sure, especially because my brother Rich, his wife Mya and their baby Luke were there to share it with us.

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