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17 February 2015

A Cambridge Valentine's | Young Rubbish Vlog | Episode 25

Jon surprised me for Valentine's this year with a whole slew of wonderful. Seriously, he's so good at this stuff, he's almost given me a complex. 

I heart mormons selfie

It really is almost unbelievable. This year, after secretly walking to work for a month, he surprised me with gift cards taking the money he saved so I could go buy myself new perfume and makeup. 

Then, he set me up at the hairdressers (I literally only had my hair professionally styled once-- for my wedding) then we had dinner at a very posh restaurant in South Kensington. It was the kind of place that plays harpsichord music in the background... yeah, it was fancy. 

As if that wasn't enough already, he planned a whole fabulous journey to Cambridge for the next day. It's not terribly far away, about an hour and a half, but it was definitely an adventure!
mint coloured door
It still baffles me sometimes how old buildings and streets are here. Someday I'm going to have a mint-coloured door just like this. 

Valentine's Day in Cambridgestreet view of King's Collegegolden clockKing's CollegeBritish ArchitectureSelfie King's CollegeOlde Sweet ShoppeCoat of arms in stonePepsi CambridgeG. Peck & SonTrinity CollegeCambridge SelfieOVergrown vinesStone poet

After our day of exploring, Jon took us to (the appropriately themed) The Theory of Everything. I'd like to just go on record as saying, "LAAAAAAME!" to the guys that made the trailer promoting this film. Here I was thinking I was getting a heart-warming escapist fantasy, instead I got a whole lot of sad. I was seriously so tense through the second half of that film. *sigh* I suppose it was well done... I'd just have preferred it if it had stopped halfway through.

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Happy (belated) Valentine's day!

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