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08 February 2015

Three for Tea | Vlog Episode 23 ● by Jess

Yesterday, our adopted auntie, Claire, took Jon and me out for a proper English tea. Claire is one of our most favourite people of all time; as Jon put it yesterday, if we could use one word to describe her, it would be "charming." She really is one of the loveliest people we've ever met.   
Tea was meant to be at the Wolseley, this very fancy, shamncy restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. If you look it up online you'll see that lots of celebrities head there for nibbles, which is kind of fun.

On our way, we walked by Buckingham Palace, which I realised Jon and I have never seen together before.  It was strangely empty round the palace for a Saturday, but that might just be because I last time I really spent any time in the area I was watching the changing of the guard, which draws huge crowds.
Part way through our walk round Buckingham Palace we got a text from Claire saying that the Wolseley had booked us for lunch instead of tea by accident so we had to rebook elsewhere. Luckily the Cavendish Hotel was just around the corner!

For those that don't know, going out for tea isn't like going out for a cup of coffee. It's much more involved and far more exciting... At the Cavendish Hotel they serve each guest, not only tea, but four small sandwiches (crusts removed), two kinds of scones (with clotted cream, jam and lemon curd), chocolate mouse, lemon merengue pie, blondie brownie, macaron, some kind of green mouse, and candy floss. Whew! You seriously walk out feeling so full, and very thoroughly hydrated because you've just drunk so. much. tea.

After several hours (which just seemed to fly by) we left and walked to the glasses store because Jon is now the proud owner of contacts! Oh boy!

Then we went home and Jon found this picture, and literally spent 10 minutes laughing-- and I LITERALLY mean 10 minutes (think about the fact that most of our "laughs" are only about 5 seconds or less). He was rolling over in tears, which was actually more funny than the picture itself. I don't know what tickled him so much about it, but he woke me up twice by giggling about it after we went to bed. Decide for yourself: here it is.

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