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12 June 2015

All of May ● by Jess

Whoa nelly. It's been almost a month since I last blogged.

It is almost inexcusably long, but I've been rocking and rolling with some pretty amazing projects... and when I get excited about a project, I get obsessive. Thus, brain power for blogging is generally in short supply.

Still Jon and I have had some pretty amazing adventures, so we'd best get caught up. I'll be going into more details over the next week or so, but here's the overview of the last month:

First off, Jon and I got to be models for an gorgeous and epic wedding shoot for Mark Northcliffe Photography up in Cookham at the Odney Club. It was amazing... and it was glorious to get to be a model and not the photographer for once! We vlogged our way through it, so once we get the photos back, I'll be sharing it all.

I went with one of the the friends I babysit to check out Chelsea in Bloom. Each year, during the Chelsea Flower Show, the (very fancy) shops in the London neighbourhood of Chelsea create elaborate flower displays. This year's theme was Fairytales. It was incredible. We finally got to go up inside of this bad boy! As I've previously mentioned, tickets to this thing are pretty difficult to get (it took us 6 months due to parliament changing). But it was by far one of my favourite London experiences to date. More on this in a post later this week...Also, check out my sweet hipster desk setup! The main project I've been focusing on over the past month is digitising roughly 30 years of Jon's family video footage (which I brought back with my from our trip to Matt's wedding). We brought the VCR back with us, but it did not take the journey overseas well... I ended up having to perform open heart surgery on it, but I got it working... sorta. Anyway, I wish someone told me how easy it was to take the cover off a VCR back in the 90s. It would have saved me a lot of time blowing and trying to swab the inside with Q-tips ;) Also, this happened.  (it was gone the next day.)Although I have to admit, watching all these family videos has made me homesick for America (for the first time since moving here), snapping moments like this sure makes me appreciate what a breath-taking city I live in.

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