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20 March 2016


Ok, so before we go back to our Australia adventures, I need to do a little housekeeping and do one last post from our London adventures. I promised Andrew we'd get the pics up weeks ago, and here I am finally getting it done (yay, me!). 

So, let's get back to the Lake District, where we had our Christmas celebration. You can see little snippets of it in Andrew's video, but we got a little tiny Christmas tree and everything. I bought the boys some of the uglies jumpers I could find and we dined on ebelskivers and hot chocolate, then cozied up to the fire (the boys tried desperately to keep it going... alas, we ended up with more smoke than flame, but it was fun all the same). 

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. We climbed up the mountain behind our house for the views and to make friends with the mountain sheep. 

Here's our little cottage: Brandrake House. It was perfection. 

On day three of our trip, we took Andrew up to Scotland to try and find castles. Unfortunately, because of the rain we kept running into roads we couldn't cross. After a full day of driving, we ended up having to go back... there were crazy amounts of water, but in the end we found a castle on our drive back to London the next day. 

Back in London, Andrew and I went off on more adventuring. 

We met up with Auntie Claire for lunch one day and then climbed the Great Fire Monument, which had pretty incredible views for a fairly reasonable pricetag. 

All in all a perfect way to savor our few weeks of British life before heading back to Australia. So happy Andrew got to come and celebrate the season with us-- he made it all the more fun :) 

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