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16 March 2016


So, its been about a month and a half since my last post, and about that same amount of time since we got back to Australia. Wholly moly!

We live in a new place now, right in Kangaroo Point. The photo above is basically the view from where we live (we are on the ferry which is just a block or two from our flat). It is GORGEOUS. Being back this time has been such a different experience because we so close to the city. It feels like we live right on the shore in Dumbo-- across from a baby Manhattan. Brisbane is seriously one of the coolest cities around. 

I appreciate the love and the messages from people asking where I've been-- also the not so subtle hints that maybe I'm being quiet because I'm finally preggers. No such luck, I'm afraid. But I have been getting acupuncture at a fertility specialised clinic that has been amazing. Fingers crossed...

In other news, we live right down the street from the temple which is beautiful and tiny. I got Jon to sit down and do several hours of family history research. Unfortunately, it wasn't a great experience, so it'll take a bit more work. 

In other news, I got into the program I want for school this autumn. Fingers crossed I get scholarships, otherwise it will be a no-go again. But I think this might just be my year. 

Jon's doing well with work, adding value and loving it. He's been learning a ton, especially as this has been a particularly challenging situation given a disgruntled ex-CEO that is causing some legal upheaval. But, Jon's keeping his head above water! 

All in all, life has been mighty grand. We spend the weekends at the beach (we are both still as pale as we were when we left England) and I have watched about 1000 amazing documentaries. Australia round 2 has definitely been a success so far. 

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