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10 November 2013

Harrods ● by Jess

There is this legendary place called Harrods. Its just south of Hyde Park and it has been calling Jon and I for awhile. From what I can tell it sort of like a British mix of Macy's and Bergdorfs and it is all sorts of fun inside.
Since there is no Thanksgiving here, we get to start celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween. I LOVE this! I love everything about Christmas-- the songs, the food, the commercialization-- EVERYTHING! Fortunately, Harrods didn't disappoint :)
It didn't take us too long to find the toy section. They even had a Harry Potter section (!) with all the authentic documents on display. Also, Jon found a puppy.
Jon made several new friends, both animate and otherwise. I also learned he has a gift for the darker side of storytelling.
This is just one of several awkward Jon + Santa photos we've taken over the years. Unfortunately, it's the closest thing we got to the big man himself, as the real Father Christmas won't be available to take Christmas requests for a few more days. (Don't you worry, we'll be back)
Lunch at Honest Burger. Delicious, but slightly overrated... 
The exciting news of the day is that I met Ewan Mcgregor-- in the flesh! I was shooting a bat mitzvah along with photography friend that needed a second shooter. Apparently, the little girl, who was hosting the event, is good friends with his daughter, so he flew his whole family out from LA. This photo is via my phone shooting the back of my camera (my friend has all the files currently-- I'll try to update this soon with the real deal). 

Anyway, it was an EPIC party! Lots of dancing, food, music and fun. Getting to meet someone famous (albeit not much more than "hello and goodbye") was definitely the crowning jewel :)

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  1. I love Jon. And you. I definitely love you too. But Jon and I seem to have a similar humor......