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28 November 2013

Thanksgiving: A Conversation ● by Jess

A conversation I had yesterday with some British friends who had questions about Thanksgiving.

Brit 1: So, why do you celebrate Thanksgiving anyway?
Me: Well, we are celebrating when, after the Pilgrims first came to America, they made it to their first harvest. There was a big feast with the Native Americans.
Brit 1: Did that actually happen?
Me: Uh, I think so...
Brit 1 (winking): So, they celebrated, then kicked them off their land and killed them with disease?
Me: That may be a bit on the cynical side, but.... yes, I guess so.
Brit 2: How do you celebrate it? It's bigger Christmas right? Like with lots of presents?
Me: No, no presents, just lots of eating.
Brit 1: Wow! Do you just eat all day long?
Me: Well, for most families, they watch the parades-- either in their town or on TV. Then the guys watch football-- American football-- and the ladies start cooking dinner. Then we all sit down and eat together.
Brit 1: The ladies just have to cook all day? Gosh, I wouldn't last five minutes in your Thanksgiving-- Well, except for the eating part.
Brit 2: OK, let me see if I've got this... You celebrate Thanksgiving to memorialize an event of questionable origin by perpetuating gender stereotypes and proceed to stuff an already statistically obese group of people.
Me: Hmmm, ok... we're missing the point here. Thanksgiving is about spending time with your family and taking time to be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. Its a great holiday!
Brit 2: Hmmmm.... Did you know we actually have a day of nation thankfulness here in England?
Me: Oh, really?
Brit 2: Yes. It's July the 4th.

I laughed, but I think a little bit of me died inside ;) Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving London!!


  1. Lovely. Nothing like some Brit cynicism to add to the holiday cheer ;-) #Thanksgivinggrinches