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23 November 2013

Winter Wonderland ● by Jess

So, just a few blocks from our house-- in Hyde Park-- there is this magical amazing place that blows the socks off of every amusement park I've ever been to. It is only there in the winter (it's called Winter Wonderland) and it is EPIC. 

Jon and I spent the day here eating bratworst and steak sandwiches and wishing we had our own little nugget to take on the kiddy rides (really we just wanted an excuse to go on them). There were SO MANY rides and some I've never seen before. There was one where they spin you in an upright barrel, then drop the floor out from beneath you. Centripetal force keeps you plastered to the side, until it stops, you puke and then shell out £8 to go again. Basically, the best thing ever. 

The sheer size of the event was boggling (these photos do not at all convey its immensity-- I got lazy with picture taking after the first 20 minutes). It took us all day to walk through it... and the very best part of it was that admission was totally free! PRAISE!

Although there were many amazing events, rides and spaces-- this one was one of my favorites. It was a cafe/bar that had a carousel built inside of it. Instead of horses, there were standing cafe tables, and the whole thing actually went round and round. Around the carousel were lots of different food booths with different cuisines. Very cool. 

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