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19 March 2014

Amsterdam ● by Jess

This past weekend, Jon and I took a day trip up to Amsterdam. Here are all the happy moments:

Now, for the honest to goodness truth: getting there was a nightmare.

I had this brilliant idea about a month ago, after learning that Megabus (which is a super cheap bus service) goes to Amsterdam on an 11 hour-overnight drive. 

'Perfect!' I thought. 'We'll get on at 9:30pm and wake up the next morning in Amsterdam!' 

What I didn't know is that 1) the space between the seats is much smaller than in the US 2) You are required to get off the bus for the very cold ferry ride over to channel and 3) the loud speaker comes on ever hour and a half when we stop in a new town for passengers to disembark. Basically, we got zero sleep. 

But, despite being zombies, we had a really fun time exploring and getting to know the city.

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city-- laid out with rows of canals which is why it is often called the "Venice of the North."

Jon and I have this plan to buy something for our future house from every country we go to. Sooooo, we went this fabulous antiques market where I discovered beautiful tiles (white ceramic with blue glaze is famous in Holland-- the province of the Netherlands that Amsterdam is located). We ended up purchasing a very rare multicolored tulip tile from 1640 (SERIOUSLY ITS OLDER THAN AMERICA!) for only  n. 

Because it was damaged (majors cracks running through it), collectors were't interested, otherwise it would be worth thousands of euros. But it has some really awesome historic significance and we don't care about the wear and tear (truth be told, I actually like it better this way!). 

After shopping and running around, we were totally beat so we went to the library and Jon napped for several hours before we had dinner. All in all it was a pretty successful trip and (fortunately) the ride home was much, much better than the ride there. 


  1. Ahhhh......thanks for taking me to Amersterdam!

  2. So much fun....Love the tulips. Thank you Thank you for the fun post. Love and Miss you.

  3. That is so STINKIN' ROMANTIC!!!!

  4. I love all your movies! The library looks so cool and your tile is beautiful!