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24 March 2014

Evensong at St. Paul's Cathedral ● by Jess

In most larger cities, you find that all the big pretty buildings cost lots of money to get inside. Often this includes cathedrals, which is really frustrating! Shouldn't churches be free?! Anyway, we've been wanting to visit the inside of St. Paul's since we got here and recently realized (this seem obvious to everyone else), but they can't charge you to worship, we've started touring churches on Sundays!

The great thing about this, is that if you go to specific services, you get a gorgeous choral experience as well! This Sunday we went to St. Paul's Evensong (at 3pm-- got there early and got front row center seats!). 

You get to just sit and marvel at this enormous dome with all these insanely gorgeous mosaics and woodwork and masonry. There is choir made up of adorable little boys that sing scripture in phenomenal harmonies. When we went, they inducted a new little boy in that looked like a blond Harry Potter. It was awesome. 

A not-technically-allowed shot of the inner dome, which definitely does not do it justice. I had to snap it when the ushers weren't watching, which resulted in the left half of the image being a really sexy shot looking straight up my nose. I cropped it to spare your eyeballs. You're welcome. 

After the service, we found this awesome building just across the street that lets you go up to their roof for one of the most incredible city views I've ever seen in my life. So beautiful... Definitely an amazing way to spend a Sunday. 

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  1. Love the shot of the two of you! Jon, you are looking exceptionally British. It must be the hair.

  2. I did this once around Christmastime when I visited London years ago. It was amazing and the cathedral was one of my very favorite things!