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10 March 2014

Cousin Mike ● by Jess

 Sometimes life surprises you, in a really good way. Jon's cousin Mike had to land his plane (he's a pilot in the military) for repairs in Cambridge, which meant he got to spend the whole day with us!

First we had an Indian food picnic on our floor (our table barely accommodates 2, so picnic was really the only option). 

Then we showed Mike London. From Big Ben to St. Paul's to the fish and chips, it was one of the best days we've had yet here. These two boys are hilarious together-- which was really fun to watch. Since he left we've been trying to figure out how to get Mike, and his wife Aimee, to move here.  

We discovered these tiny little paintings on the Millenium bridge. They are intricate paintings done on old gum. We checked it out later and found out they are done by a man named Ben Wilson.

 And what is London without a traditional English dinner-- fish & chips and ham-- at a pub in the City. Then it walked over to Covenant Garden to get shakes.

Basically, it was the best surprise visit ever! Can't wait to see you again Michael!!

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  1. Perhaps if Mike can learn how to balance a ferris wheel on his head like Jon, he could move there with Amy :) You guys are so lucky!