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05 September 2013

Changing of the Guard ● by Jess

Two of my friends, Heidi and Todd, came through town today on their way to compete in an Ironman triathlon in Wales this weekend. I don't think I could even run a 5k right now, so what they are doing completely baffles and amazes me. 

They invited me to come with them to the changing of the guard, which happens every other day. Apparently, you should get there an hour and a half a head of time, otherwise you get the crummy seats (like us). Ah well, still fun to see in person!

While Todd and I were musing on what exactly the career trajectory for one of these guards is (like, is the big fluffy hat THE top notch spot? What exactly does one do after guarding the Queen?), a very friendly police officer informed us that the Queen's foot guards actually come from five different regiments. You can tell where the different guards is from by the ribbon or plume color on the side of their hat. The foot guards are just part of the military, the ones that guard the capitol, and are considered lance-sergeants (which is the same as a corporal in other regiments).

I haven't seen Todd or Heidi in two years, so it was so nice to spend time with them! We went to Kenya together to do humanitarian work with an organization called SHe (Singular Humanitarian experience). It was by far the most incredible international experience I've had to date. If you are young, single (and especially LDS) you should definitely consider going on the program. It will totally change your life!

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