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06 November 2015

8 Most Surprising Things About Australia


Big biceps and tribal tattoos are EVERYWHERE. I know this is largely because of the tattooing culture in the pacific islands, but it still surprised me.

Still I can understand it, but the ones that boggle my mind are white chics with shin tattoos. And I've seen several. WHY?


I feel like you can't go half a block without running into a gym, pilates studio or yoga class. There are so many, especially compared to London. I like that people are so health conscious.

On the other side I feel like walking around outdoors ends up with me drenched in sweat... the prospect of paying money for the same experience seems strange.


Never have I ever been to church congregation as friendly as the Chermish ward. On our first Sunday, we walked away with 5 dinner invites, an offer to come stay at someone's house up north if we decided to snorkel the great barrier reef, and this week along two people surprised us with dinner. What incredible examples...


It might just be me, but I sometimes feel like I am living in a flashback. While central Brisbane is posh and modern, the suburb we live in feels a bit like a 90s/early 00s time warp. The grocery stores interior treatment and fonts are the same from my childhood... and everywhere I look I see oversized cargos, polos, mohawks and school-girl uniforms a la Britney Spears. It's feels very deja vu-y.

The other day I was watching a documentary where a doctor was imploring the general populace to not drink during pregnancy saying, "I know one or two drinks doesn't seem like much, but you really should try to stop drinking when your pregnant." WHAT?! Another  doctor comes on later discussing how fetal alcohol syndrome is something they really only started diagnosing about 5 years ago here in Australia and that they are about 20 years behind the States and the UK.


O! The fruit! Seriously this has been the greatest part about being here. There is so much variety! And everything is fresh and delicious... I have all the mangos, and melons and passion fruit I could ever dream of.


I feel like at least a third the houses here look like this.

I am inclined to think that this is a testament to the intensity of the humidity and sun, as oppose to neglectful home-ownership. I've learned that the weather make it barely worth putting on any makeup... my paint just slides right off my face. So, I suppose houses are about the same.


At least half of the homes are on stilts or have garages as basements. I suppose this is due to inclimate weather during hurricane season... but it is a little terrifying to consider as we currently live on the ground floor. (To be fair, I've also heard that this has to do with airflow as well, in order to keep the house cool)


American tourists always come to London and announce that the money looks just like monopoly money. They've clearly never seen Australian currency.

And there you have it. Lots of exciting stuff coming up this weekend!

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