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03 November 2015

First 24 Hours in Australia

Nudgee beach sunrise

Our first 24 hours in Australia were crazy. After a 12 hour flight to Singapore, a layover, and another 8 hour flight to Brisbane, our brains and bodies were fried. This is what our day looked like:

6am - Arrive at Brisbane Airport, Customs was the worst I've ever experienced (included drug dogs)
8am - Pick up car and head to our Airbnb flat
8:30am - Meet Gerry (the landlord), a barrel-chested, short-shorts wearing man with a massive mustache
10am - Head into the city to do a little preliminary exploring
2pm - We start to crash, hard. Time to go home.
3pm - Take a nap.
12am (midnight) - Wake up. Darn.
12:30am - We found an epic 24 hour fruit and veg stand! There were seriously like 6 kinds of mangos!
1am - Head home and listen to all the birds singing in the park next to our flat (It sounded like a chorus of Mockingjays)
2am - Watch the World Cup - I still have no idea how rugby is played
4am - Made the last minute decision to run out to Nudgee beach to watch the sunrise. It was glorious.

Australian Lifetstyle BloggerNudgee Beach at sunrise

When we arrived, the tide was so far out that we never even made it to the shoreline. We just strolled and sloshed through miles of sand and little pools of water. Every couple of feet were these big blue jellyfish.

Nudgee beach jellyfishbeached jelly fishBrisbane beach sunrise

I have a habit of collecting things. Whenever we go to the beach, I usually walk away with a pocketful of treasures. Jon refers to them as my "little friends" like I'm a three-year-old that collecting stuffed animals. This time, we lined up my little friends and let them watch the sunrise with us. 

Brisbane seashell sunsetAustralian lifestyle bloggerNudgee beach sunset

With a start like this, I'm pretty sure this journey is going to be beautiful. 

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