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24 March 2015

Where to Stand to Take the Best Travel Photos: Big Ben

Travel tips londonI think we've all experienced FOMO (that horrible fear of missing out), but I've only recently experienced something a bit worse. It's a little something I like to call RYMO (Realising You Missed Out). This is sort of like FOMO, but you experience it after you get home and see other people's photos. You sift them and you find yourself sitting there thinking, "AH! How did I not get that shot? And where were they standing when they took it?"Maybe it's the photographer in me, but my fear of RYMO is so intense that I research our future travel destinations on Pinterest before heading off, with the express purpose of identifying the best places to stand while take photos. To prevent the rest of you from feeling RYMO after your travels to London, I'm starting a new series that will show you the best places and vantages to get your own iconic London photos. Each post will have a printable map at the end, which you'll be able to download and use for your adventuring. If you have particular success, your own favourite spot, OR a request for a specific London attraction, give us a shout. We love to see other people enjoying London as much as we do. I thought we'd start with an obvious choice: London's most iconic building, the Elizabeth Tower, which houses the Big Ben bell. I've chosen 3 locations that I think best capture the clocktower in all its British-y glory. Here is the map for all the locations (it is sized for US letter-sized paper, but can easily be printed on A4). area around big ben best photosYou are welcome to share the download link on your own site, as long as you credit the source to Young Rubbish and hyperlink it back to this post. Photography in title image by Mark Nortcliffe Photography.

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