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22 March 2015

Visiting Friends ● by Jess

This week has been filled with SO MANY VISITORS! WHOO-HOO! Several friends from various stages in our lives have popped up in London this week, which has been *fantastic*. 

The first one to come over was our dear friend, Tamara. Jon met her at BYU and, after she moved out to NYC, we got to know each other. We decided to take her to Borough Market, which was admittedly not as bustling as it is on the weekends, but was still super delicious.  
Expat london blogmarket fish

Jon went for the seafood paella. Tamara and I opted for the highland venison burgers (with bacon jam-- oh boy!). It was a culinary adventure!
highland venison burgerJon and Tamara

Now Tamara is off on some sunny Mexican beach (of which I'm super jealous). Gosh, that would be nice right now... 

Anyway, on Saturday, we were able to have breakfast our friends the Alemanys-- who ALMOST MOVED HERE. But 'twas not meant to be. Instead, we only got them for one glorious breakfast (which included real fluffy American pancakes) at Bill's Restaurant in Holborn. 
London lifestyle blogLondon lifestyle blogBill's restaurant interior

Later that same day, we got to see a pretty serious flash from my past-- Evan (and his lovely wife Brittany). Evan and I went to high school together. I think it was a bit surreal for both of us as we'd both been dating one another's good friends back then. Now, seeing each other MARRIED (to completely different people) and on the other side of the world was just... weird, but in a really wonderful and exciting way. 

I get to party Americana-style with them both this next week and I can't wait! (Plus, today is his birthday-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EVAN!!)
hot chocolatefriends in london

I think that's all for a quick Sunday update! Lot's of adventures this week.. can't wait :)

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